Photo Credit: Emazing Photography

Photo Credit: Emazing Photography

Katrina Felicitas was born in Seattle, Washington. She is a multi-passionate, creative, and strong working woman. In 2012, she created a fashion brand, Genuine Gem. Katrina was 18 years old and eager to share her vision of who a cool modern girl was. Originally a jewelry line, the brand organically evolved into a clothing line, with an emphasis on denim cut-offs. Luckily, those cool girls flocked to one of a kind denim, and before she knew it, Genuine Gems were in demand - especially during the blissful summer months in Seattle.

Katrina is inspired by how meticulously planned weddings are, she found herself captivated by how big of a role details play in creating memorable experiences.  No matter how small, the details have always been very important to her. Her unique aesthetic, thorough organization, and keen eye are apparent at every event that she curates.

In 2017, she begun working with other brands and small businesses, combining their distinctive visions with my expertise to execute successful experiences and events. Although she decided to end Genuine Gem’s journey, she continued to pursue her passions and recognized her strengths.

Katrina is currently the Director of Marketing at two local small businesses in Seattle. During her free time, she loves crafting, Polaroid photography, spending time outdoors, and quality time with loved ones.